Original Idea Behind Skool House


Growing up, one thing that frustrated me about school was the large disconnect between what was taught in school and the application of the lessons learned in the real world. You probably heard it many times before, schools don’t prepare us for the real world.

After completing an undergraduate degree and moving into my own place, I still didn’t have a grasp on some basic elements:

How does a mortgage work?
What do I need to know before purchasing a new home?
What are some strategies for new parents?

While important, these topics are expected to be learned outside of school.

The original idea for this website was to explore the everyday things that are not often taught in school but impact our daily lives.

Original Goal

A simple Google search will display an endless amount of information on personal finance or parenting. The downside is that most of the information is fairly broad, and written in a way to show up higher in the search results rather than being helpful.

  1. The goal was to explore everyday things (e.g. personal finance, DIY, technology, etc) and create practical articles to explain concepts.
  2. Any visual resources (photos, illustrations, icons, etc) I created and used in the articles would be made available for download and allowed to be used by anyone for their own purposes.


Unfortunately, as I started building this website I quickly became sidetracked.

Overthinking v1

There was so much to learn when building a website on your own – WordPress themes, various plugins, page builders, HTML, CSS, PHP, domains, hosting, design consistency, colour combinations, typography, analytics, SEO, and vector art are just some of the key areas.

I reached a point, it was much easier to write about how this website was built and managed than to produce content for my original concept.

Getting Back To The Original Idea

Now that I have a fully functional website, I will be making a pivot in the content I produce on this site.

While I still plan to publish content surrounding web design, graphics, and technology, I will be also publishing content on personal finance, home technology, DIY, travel, and various other topics.


Character Illustrations


Designer, photographer, and all-around tech enthusiast. You can find him creating helpful resources, articles, and how-to guides for Skool House.

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