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Doodles are fantastic! They are a simple and playful way to explain ideas.

When I write articles for this site, I try to include visual illustrations much as possible. While many illustrations were created with the intention to be used on an article or various pages around this website, only a handful are used and many are discarded.

Having spent so much time creating these illustrations, I did not want to see them go to waste. So I decided to re-purpose them. Considering all the illustrations were simple, I converted them into icons and allowed them to be downloaded individually.

Icons Comparison v1

If you are thinking it looks similar to Bootstrap Icons, you would be correct! I’m a big fan of Bootstrap Icons for its simplicity and ease of use.

I forked over the design concept with a notable tweak – all the icons can be downloaded or HTML code can be copied directly instead of having to go into a secondary page.

Download or HTML v1
Option 1

Download SVG File

You can download the icon as a vector file in SVG format if you are looking to upload it directly to your website or make changes to it.

Adobe Illustrator is the industry standard when it comes to working with vector files. However, at a monthly subscription of $19.99/month for Adobe Illustrator, it can become quite expensive especially if you are not an avid user.

Affinity Designer logo

I personally use Affinity Designer for creating all of the illustrations. I made a one-time payment of $75 and it’s an incredible software.

Vectornator Logo v2

Alternatively, Vectornator is a free software which offers many premium features. It’s an intuitive vector graphic design software with all the key functionalities of premium software.

Option 2

Copy HTML Code

The second option would be to copy the HTML code.

The way I use HTML code on this website is through GenerateBlocks. The Headline options allow for HTML code to be placed and size, colour, and background can be adjusted accordingly.

Icon Displayed v2

Of course, you can use the HTML code the standard way as well.

Future Updates

As more articles are published, the collection will be updated with newer icons. In time, the hope is to produce a large enough collection of icons with diverse themes and topics.

Doodle Icons Headline v4
Visit Doodle Line Icons

A free collection of hand-drawn icons that can be easily downloaded as an SVG file or copied in HTML format.


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