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Hidden Costs of Buying a House in Toronto

While it is exciting to buy a new house, it is important to be realistic about what you actually expect to pay. There are additional costs all homeowners need to factor into their budget.

Original Idea Behind Skool House

Growing up, one thing that frustrated me about school was the large disconnect between what was taught in school and …
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MDDHosting – Support Team Review

MDDHosting is a small hosting company you probably haven’t heard of. They focus on service and support and not as …

Finally, Google AdSense Application Was Approved!

In 2014 I built a site called FreebiesXpress which offered free graphic resources to be downloaded (similar to Freepik). The …

Launch of Doodle Line Icons

Doodles are fantastic! They are a simple and playful way to explain ideas. When I write articles for this site, …

Creator Blocks – Process of Building & Publishing

Oftentimes, I find myself going back to older Posts/Pages and hunting down a specific block (created using GenerateBlocks) I used …

Improving WordPress Performance Using Perfmatters

At the early stages of building this website, I was keen on building pages faster so I installed many plugins …

Beginner’s Guide to Domain Names

A domain name is a unique web address where people can find your website. For instance, this domain name is …

GeneratePress – Support Team Review

Having used a number of premium themes in the past (StudioPress, Woothemes, Avada, Shopkeeper, Uncode, and many others), I was …

GeneratePress – Is It Right For You?

I have been using GeneratePress for over two years and while there is no argument it is a fantastic theme, …