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MDDHosting is a small hosting company you probably haven’t heard of. They focus on service and support and not as much on the marketing/sales.

I came to know of them through forums (ReviewHell) at a time when I was looking to switch hosting providers.

I’ve been dabbling with web design for over 12 years and I have jumped around with various hosting providers.


Used their hosting for 2+ years and their service was decent but the website was generally slow to load. The price gouge after the 1st year was horrendous.


I have never used a hosting service that required 1/2 hour to create a mySQL db. Hopefully, they have improved since then.


Came as a recommendation from WP Beginner. They served me well, but the performance wasn’t there and even after upgrading to a higher-tier package, it didn’t make a difference.


While they are one of the largest hosting providers, quality of service can be hit or miss.

A2 Hosting

They were fairly good, but I had an incident which made me rethink the service with them. My site was hacked, and when I inquired, they simply dismissed it and put the blame on me (didn’t upgrade themes or plugins) without any investigation.

Keep in mind my experience with the following services are more than 7+ years old and may not be reflective of their current service.

After jumping through so many hosting services, MDDHosting was the last stop. And having used their service for over 7 years, I couldn’t be happier!

‘Meat & Potatoes’ of Hosting

When it comes to hosting, there are two key factors that matter to me:


I want to create content for my site, not worry about the slow loading times or overall performance of my site.

Customer Service

If I did have any issues or questions, I wanted to be able to reach support quickly and have it resolved.

MDDHosting focuses on exactly this!

On July 2015, I signed up for their very basic package Cloud package for $4.60 and $7.50 afterwards for every month. While they do offer yearly packages, I opted for a monthly package since I didn’t want any commitments.

Well, I ended up paying monthly for nearly 6 years and only started a yearly commitment after switching to their premium tier – Plaid package.

Response Time

According to their website, these are the expected response times for email support tickets.

26 Minutes – Average Technical Support response time

The response time changes from week to week based on their performance. This information is available on their website.

While they do offer phone and chat support, I did not use those options. All my communication was through email. Now, let’s see how it fairs against the actual response times of my support tickets.

Evaluating The Support Team

For this post, I wanted to do a similar review to the one I did for GeneratePress support team review.

Once again, let’s take an objective approach and try to evaluate the performance.

In the past 7+ years of using the hosting service, I have submitted 48 support tickets. I can evaluate how well the support team performed based on actual data.


I will be evaluating the support team based on the following:

Response Time

How long does it take to provide a response?

Number of Exchanges

How many exchanges did it take to solve the problem?


1. Support Team’s Response Times

Only reviewing the support team’s response times. The time I took to respond back to them will not be considered.

2. Final Message Not Considered

MDDHosting Support Team (almost) always leaves the final message to close out the ticket, which doesn’t require a response. Those response times are not considered since it doesn’t address the actual issue.

3. Multiple Responses

On a few occasions, I provided multiple responses to a single support ticket. The response time was measured from my last message.


1. Fastest Response Time

Measuring the fastest response time for a support ticket. Measured in hours and minutes (h:mm).

2. Slowest Response Time

Measuring the slowest response time for a support ticket. Multiple exchanges need to take place to evaluate the slowest time. Measured in hours and minutes (h:mm).

3. Average Response Time

Measuring the average response time for a support ticket. Multiple exchanges need to take place to evaluate the average time. Measured in hours and minutes (h:mm).

4. Number of Exchanges

Number of exchanges that took place to solve the issue. A single exchange includes a question from me and a response back from the support team. For example, 3 exchanges would mean 3 questions from me and 3 responses back from the support team.

Analyzing Data

The following data was collected from the support form. It includes the fastest, slowest, and average response times, along with the number of exchanges required to solve the issue.

Support Ticket TitleFastest Response Time (h:mm)Slowest Response Time (h:mm)Average Response Time (h:mm)Number of Exchanges to Solve Issue
Creating a folder within root directory0:010:020:013
Pointing subdomain0:020:060:035
personal domain.com0:010:040:022
 I sold my primary site0:051
Primary domain name0:011:010:213
Issues receiving emails0:021
Confirm domain switch over0:020:030:022
Site won’t load0:011
Can’t login0:011
Automate Payment0:031
Block login attempts0:071
Site not loading0:021
Restoring website0:011
Was my site hacked?0:051
Auto SSL0:060:080:072
403 Error0:020:020:022
Invalid SSL certificate0:010:350:182
Unable to addon domain properly0:041
Site offline0:131
CRITICAL ERROR – Failed to group domains0:121
Changes to htaccess file0:041
LiteSpeed Plugin Installed?0:061
Redirecting URL0:020:040:032
Automatic Payment0:041
php My Admin – Unable to see DB0:391
Your connection is not private0:080:560:322
Change contact details0:021
Subdomain configuration0:010:010:012
Hosting Resources Exceeded0:030:100:062
SSL Certificate0:021
Unable to loginto WordPress site – 403 Error0:040:090:073
New verification pop-up0:301
Issues with Site Migration1:051
Can’t log into my website0:041:220:432
Service Package Comparison0:010:130:036
Change Maximum File Upload0:051
Redirect issue0:481
Unable to make payment0:020:200:065
Is the server down?0:011
Restore from Backup0:521
Connection Issue After htaccess change0:028:512:066
htaccess File Was Modified3:201
Upgrading Service0:080:110:092
Upgrading to Turbo0:010:220:049
Contact form not sending0:010:030:022
Overall Website Design of MDD0:010:020:013
Transfer Domains to Plaid0:031
Cancel Package + Change Name0:010:020:012



Overall Fastest Response Time



Overall Average Response Time


Hours : Minutes

Overall Slowest Response Time



Overall Average Exchanges to Solve Issue


MDD’s posted response time was around 26 minutes, but the actual overall average time is around 13 minutes. While the slowest response time (8 hours and 51 minutes) seems to be an outlier compared to all the other response times.

This site is currently hosted with MDD and their quick response time and fast hosting exceeded all of my expectations.

The fact their service only got better over the last 7 years is a testament to their commitment to focusing on the ‘meat of potatoes’ of hosting.

Simple & Straight Forward Hosting

MDD doesn’t offer all the bells and whistles of other hosting companies – e.g. free domains, free CDN, unlimited bandwidth, etc. They do however focus on providing exceptional hosting experience.

If you are looking for a new hosting company, give it a shot as they have a 30-day money-back guarantee. Best of all, you don’t need to make yearly commitments.

Check out MDDHosting


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