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Having used a number of premium themes in the past (StudioPress, Woothemes, Avada, Shopkeeper, Uncode, and many others), I was accustomed to the long wait times and the lack of quality in the responses to support tickets.

This is where GeneratePress truly sets itself apart from the crowd.

Quick Response Times

Reduced wait times for receiving responses back for support tickets.

Quality Responses

Responses that actually solve the issue(s) or point you in the right direction.

Publicly Accessible Forum

Easily searchable forum which allows you to look up a solution before posting up a support ticket.

Out of all the themes I have used in the past, nothing came close to the level of support I received from the GeneratePress team and this was the key selling point for me (as many others would agree).

For those considering GeneretePress but isn’t familiar with their support system, I wanted to take a moment to show what GeneratePress currently supports and whether the support team measures up to all the glowing reviews.

Tiered Support System

With any theme, customization requests from customers are to be expected. Additional functionality or features are often requested to create a website that is more personal.

However, most theme developers do not support customization requests and it’s completely understandable why they don’t support it.

Takes Up Time

Depending on the request, customizations can take up a significant amount of time.

Challenging To Maintain

Challenging to maintain customization changes with future updates to the theme, since a customized feature(s) can easily break because of a theme update.

Cost Of Customizations

Paying around $60 per year for theme support would not cover the cost of the developer’s time invested in customizations.

GeneratePress works slightly differently. They offer support in tiers, which ranges from providing full support on their products to pointing you in the right direction for questions that fall outside of their products.

While they don’t provide support for major customization requests, they are willing to point you in the right direction for the smaller requests.

Full Support

Applies to GeneratePress Theme & GeneratePress Premium Plugin.


Theme & Plugin Usage

Theme & Plugin Configuration

Bug Fixes

Partial Support

They will provide basic examples and get you headed in the right direction.

Theme Specific Filters

CSS Code

Basic Elements (HTML/PHP)

Direction to Information

Do their best to link you to relevant tutorials and information.

WordPress Usage

Improving Performance

SEO Setup

Not Supported

Beyond the control of the GeneratePress team and unable to provide support at this time.

Third-Party Plugin Debugging

Advanced Custom Coding

WordPress Core Debugging

Server Diagnostics

Posted Response Time

According to their website, these are the expected response times for support tickets.

12 – 24 Hours

Monday to Friday

12 – 48 Hours

Saturday to Sunday

Now, let’s see how it fairs against the actual response times of my support tickets.

Evaluating The Support Team

Let’s take an objective approach and try to evaluate the performance.

In the past 2+ years of using the theme, I have submitted 45 support tickets. I can evaluate how well the support team performed based on actual data.


I will be evaluating the support team based on the following:

Response Time

How long does it take to provide a response?

Number of Exchanges

How many exchanges did it take to solve the problem?


1. Support Team’s Response Times

Only reviewing the support team’s response times. The time I took to respond back to them will not be considered.

2. Final Message Not Considered

GeneratePress Support Team (almost) always leaves the final message on a support ticket and it could be something simple as saying “You’re welcome” or a comment that doesn’t require a response. Those response times are not considered since it doesn’t address the actual issue.

3. Multiple Responses

On a few occasions, I provided multiple responses to a single support ticket. The response time was measured from my last message.


1. Fastest Response Time

Measuring the fastest response time for a support ticket. Measured in hours and minutes (h:mm).

2. Slowest Response Time

Measuring the slowest response time for a support ticket. Multiple exchanges need to take place to evaluate the slowest time. Measured in hours and minutes (h:mm).

3. Average Response Time

Measuring the average response time for a support ticket. Multiple exchanges need to take place to evaluate the average time. Measured in hours and minutes (h:mm).

4. Number of Exchanges

Number of exchanges that took place to solve the issue. A single exchange includes a question from me and a response back from the support team. For example, 3 exchanges would mean 3 questions from me and 3 responses back from the support team.

Analyzing Data

Following data was collected from the support form. It includes the fastest, slowest, and average response times, along with the number of exchanges required to solve the issue.

Support Ticket TitleFastest Response Time (h:mm)Slowest Response Time (h:mm)Average Response Time (h:mm)Number of Exchanges to Solve Issue
Wide Width Images + Blocks1:281
Customization Option + Font Sizes0:1516:094:428
Change Slug (URL) for Portfolio1:351
Easy Digital Downloads Compatibility0:050:230:113
Custom Font in Block Editor0:141
Merch Theme Questions0:227:052:174
Increase the featured image size in post1:052:001:424
Post View Altered0:032:050:444
Local Font Issue0:294:502:083
Logo Doesn’t Appear in Mobile View2:581
Add Class to Categories4:021
Portfolio Excerpt Length3:121
Merch Blog Featured Image Size0:584:322:452
Styling Page Numbers4:531
Leaving Post Page Unassigned9:021
Entry Meta alignment1:263:222:242
GenerateBlocks Container1:225:274:033
CSS Style With WP Show Posts and EDD1:432:512:113
Change Portfolio Layout0:102:481:404
Blurry Image0:323:181:552
Add padding under header0:444:482:462
2nd Page Won’t Load6:331
Change the width of comment box8:291
Custom Font Size1:271
User Elements within a Custom Page0:081:561:014
Arctic Theme – Elements Layout Width0:485:342:233
Easy Digital Download – Enable Block
Elements Width Not Working1:311:311:311
Merging Header in Elements0:160:540:352
Merging Header in Elements (Home Page)0:111
SVG Featured Image2:331
Font Issue – Switching from Floats to
SVG Featured Image – Outside Limits3:046:054:463
Menu in Mobile View Issues0:222:551:264
Loud-Link Not Working0:441
Google Font Display In Safari0:3211:356:032
Google Ads Do Not Display1:551
Speed issue according to Google PageSpeed0:526:082:504
Columns for Categories0:012:031:022
Custom Post Header3:296:355:022
Block-Hook on All Sub-Pages0:039:192:0710
Merch Theme Questions0:227:052:174
Cannot change font color for individual
Block Editor Width0:195:062:193
Customize the look of the comments
section with Jetpack



Overall Fastest Response Time


Hours : Minutes

Overall Slowest Response Time


Hours : Minutes

Overall Average Response Time



Overall Average Exchanges to Solve Issue


Actual response times exceeded expectations and were much better than the posted response time by a large margin. Only the slowest response time (16 hours and 9 minutes) falls within the posted response time (12-48 hours).

Depending on the complexity of the issue, support tickets are answered within minutes or a few hours in most cases. Furthermore, support tickets are solved quickly within a few exchanges.

Other Theme Support Systems

Unfortunately, I do not have sufficient data to directly compare how other themes’ support teams fare against GeneratePress directly. Though I can tell you from personal experience with some of the other popular themes, I used to consider receiving a single response back on a support ticket within 24 hours to be fairly quick.

With some of the lesser-known themes, I wouldn’t hear back on a support ticket for weeks and I would have to keep following up with the developer. You can imagine how long it took to resolve a single support request.

From personal experience, the GeneratePress support team outperformed all other theme providers I have encountered.

Final Words

Many review sites boast about the GeneratePress support team arguing it’s one of the best, if not the best. While I’m in agreement, words used to describe a service as “best”, “excellent”, or “5-star” are subjective and do not provide any insight for someone who has never used the service.

I attempted to quantify the level of support I received over the 2+ years. Hopefully, this gives you some insight into deciding whether GeneratePress is the right choice for you.

As I mentioned earlier, the support team was the primary reason I completely switched over to GeneratePress. The timing and quality of responses are unmatched by any other theme support I received in the past.


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